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Natural gypsum powder production line

    Taishan Ruifeng specializes in manufacturing gypsum powder machines and relative spare parts, and proceeds the customized design based on customers’ requirements like quality、quantity、raw materials and so on.

    Annual capacity: 50000tons—300000 tons
    The big gypsum stones are crushed into the small ones which are sent into storage tank by elevator and then are uniformly sent into the main grinding room where small ones are shoveled up and then get into the place between grinding rolls and grinding rings to be pulverized. The fan blows the wind into grinding room and then wind blows the powder up into the analyzer for selection, then powder which cannot reach the required fineness falls into grinding room for regrinding and the qualified fine powder following the airflow gets into cyclone dust collector, the fine powder separated from the air is discharged out to become the finished powder and the air gets back to fan from the top air return duct, wind path is circulatory and wind moves under the negative pressure.

     Because there contains certain water in materials which are staying grinding room of superfine grinding mill, so certain heat quantity is produced in process of grinding so that water is evaporated. Also, because flanges of various pipelines are not contacted and sealed closely, so the outside air is inhaled so that circulatory airflow quantity is increased. In order to guarantee that grinding mill can operate normally under negative pressure, the increased airflow quantity is discharged into bag-type dust collector through the residual air pipe between the fan and main engine and then is purified and discharged.

     System structure: this production line comprise of crushing part、grinding part、calcining part and conveying&packing part of finished powder. 

    Electric control system:
    The electric control system adopts the advanced DOS to centrally control the scattered machines.

    The technological flow chart as bellow: 

    Production line for local figure: